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Television Production

Level 1

TV 1 is the base building class. Students begin to learn the art of video production and why it takes so many people to make a show or movie.

They will learn the vocab and language needed for television, how to write scripts both VO and dialogue including a shot list. They also learn the basics about the software for non-linear editing. They will learn about lighting, microphones, patterns, camera operation, team work, planning, organization, and much more. They will then put that knowledge to use and shoot and edit a variety of stories (videos).

Level 2

We dive deeper into knowledge and pick up where we left off in level 1. In level 2, we get more into Chroma-key (green screen effects), move up with camera operation, more studio work and students can enter competitions. Students do more complex projects but they can handle it because they have level 1 under their belt. TV 2 is where it’s at…it’s the turning point! Students also earn industry certification.

Level 3 and 4

At this level, students can earn college credit. Students are very independent with projects, etc…..they are to maintain a C or better to earn the potential college credits. The lessons of the past are done so they can focus on projects and creating their sizzle reels. They learn how to read scopes and multi-cam. These students also run the morning news so there’s more control room and studio work. Students have a good attitude and by the time students get to this level, they really enjoy it.

Creative Writing