SAT/ACT Information

West Orange HS will be giving the SAT in school on Wednesday, October 14th for Seniors only. The Juniors will take the SAT on a school day in March. If your student is a current Senior at West Orange, they received an email last week containing a Google Form that they are to complete to let me know they will be taking the SAT. If your student is a Face to Face Senior then they will automatically be assigned to take the test. If your student is not a current student at West Orange, however, is a senior and would like to test, please send Mrs. Wells their information. Depending on your student’s status (FLVS, OCVS, Homeschool, etc.) there may or may not be a fee to take the SAT at West Orange.

SAT Registration LINK ACT Registration LINK

When students take the SAT they get to select 4 colleges to send those scores to for free. The scores will sit and wait to be processed when they formally apply. Most Colleges and Universities have application fees that can range from $20-$60. Most of them require students to send official SAT/ACT scores with their application. College Board (SAT) and ACT charge $10-$12 per college or university they want to send their scores to. Students should select their colleges/universities on their test day so that they can be sent for free. So, students really need to know which four colleges to select earlier than you may think.

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