Warrior Tips

Please share this link for our West Orange HS PTSO newsletter with your friends and neighbors so these parents don't miss out on important information that we will be providing to help with the transition.


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Have a question? EMail communications@wohsptso.org

Click here to find your bus information

Go to www.schoolpay.com to add funds for student meals.

Breakfast and lunch is served daily in the WOHS Cafe. Click here to see meal prices. Click here for WOHS breakfast and lunch menus. Add money to student accounts or sign up for SchoolPay at www.schoolpay.com to add funds for student meals. Click here to apply for Meal Benefits.


Start fresh & sign up for free/reduced meals for next school year! The meal benefits application is now open. Click here to sign up.

Is your laptop running slow? It may be time to clean up your files. If you have files that you no longer need, delete them and remember to empty your recycle bin. Mrs. Obelar recommends storing files on your google drive account so it is not stored on your computer. Once saved on the Google drive, you may remove files from desktop and downloads. In google drive you can color code folders to store items better. Click here to view the steps for setting up Google drive as most students don’t have it on their laptop.

Click here to view the OCPS calendar for the 2019-2020 school year.

OCPS will once again be offering the CLEP Summer Camp to students

in the following subjects:

AP English Language and Culture

AP Psychology

AP US History

They are inviting any students who score a 2 or 3 on their AP exam. This will provide students with an additional opportunity to gain college credit. The camp will take place July 22nd to July 24th from 8am-12pm, with testing on Thursday, July 25 at 8am, at:

Edgewater HS

Oak Ridge HS

East River HS

They will allow students to take the corresponding CLEP exam for AP Spanish Language and Culture. This opportunity is open only to students who score a 2 on the AP exam. Signup will begin July 5th after scores are released.

And fingers crossed that you don't need to do this!!!

Click here for information on Hurricane Safety.

Click here for information on emergency kits.

Volunteers/Parents! ADDitions is up and running and has an opportunity for West Orange HS. Click here to sign up to be a volunteer. Anyone volunteering on campus during the 2019-2020 school year and/or going on club or sports trips needs to sign up. Once approved, please make sure to log your volunteer hours. Any questions can be directed to paulette.randolph@ocps.net