All students who are trying out for fall sports must register with Athletic Clearance and upload their physical packet. Everything is processed digitally from our athletic website. This will take our athletic trainers up to 48 hours to clear athletes. Please do not turn in your physicals to the front office and do not give it to a coach. Students must have an unweighted cumulative GPA of 2.0 to participate. Please bring a backpack with a mask, towel and a water bottle. Feel free to email the coach of the sport for specific details.

Sports Physicals

WOHS will be using a new digital format for sports physicals and it is now active for OCPS. Our athletes will be able to fill out their physical paperwork digitally on

Click here to review the instructions for that process. Click here for the new physical packet which has changed slightly from this year. The only pages that the parents and athletes need to have filled out will be the EL2 by the doctor. The rest is filled out electronically on the Athletic Clearance website.

Follow the instructions on how to create an Athletic Clearance Account and to submit the physical online. You will upload the EL2 form (pages 1 & 2) and sign all the other forms electronically. At the end of the online process, there is an option to print a sport specific “wet” signature page. Please print a page for each sport you plan on playing this year. A parent/guardian must sign a clearance page for each sport going to be played. Once all forms have been completed online you will be notified if they have been accepted or declined (and given a reason). The Athletic Training staff will periodically check. Allow up to 1 week to receive a reply. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our Athletic Trainers, Matthew Laws at, Jennifer Laws at, or Michael Taylor at

West Orange High School is thrilled to announce and welcome back Lisa Montgomery as our new Warrior Athletic Director! Lisa is coming to us from her previous position as Athletic Director at Edgewater High School. Prior to her stint there, she served West Orange High School as Assistant Athletic Director, PE Teacher, and Track Coach. We are beyond elated to have Lisa rejoin our staff and believe she will be an excellent addition to the Warrior Family!


The final touches are being done on the stadium track and it should be finished soon. The exterior of the school is scheduled to be painted within the next few months. The PTSO will be hosting a Beautification/Clean-Up day in the fall, so stay tuned for volunteer opportunities. If you wish to donate materials or time to our Beautification committee, please email