West Orange HS hosted the Competition Cheer West Orange Classic

Here is a recap from Coach Light:

Tonight! Wow! Best West Orange Classic yet....and that’s a huge accomplishment in the year of all the crazy things! The event ran and stayed on schedule....and if you know anything about cheer competitions, that’s HUGE!

Tonight, our girls, our parents, and some of our SGA kiddos really went above and beyond to make it the best event. They worked concessions, handled electronic ticketing and wristbands, they directed people all over the place. They handled all the restriction protocols like pros! They cleaned endlessly and made it as safe as they could so everyone was able to enjoy the event! Our football team showed up to cheer us on....I mean that was just the icing on the cake! TK was killing it with the pictures and making sure all the memories were captured! And my coaches....well they are amazing! Simply put....dream team at it’s finest! They helped keep things running smoothly and tackled anything that came up. I could NOT have done this without them! All in all, tonight was AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who helped! I can’t begin to describe how much it means to me! Until next year.... #WestOrangeClassic

The West Orange Competition Cheer team received 3rd place at regionals and advance to State Semifinals in two weeks! Way to go ladies!

Congratulations to the new West Orange High School Cheer teams!